The University of Bordeaux’s Green Campus

The University of Bordeaux’s Green Campus© Kentaro Mori

The University of Bordeaux’s Green Campus is a very ambitious project undertaken by our teaching staff with cross-disciplinary skills in plant biotechnology. The main objective is to set up a center focused on two main fields: functional and progressive ecology and agroecology of continental ecosystems; and integrative plants’ biology and their pathosystems. This project is based on two strategies: creating an international track, through the bilateral and multilateral collaboration between Bordeaux and identified international partners (Japan, China, and Chile) and developing a specific « vertical » programme, from bachelor to doctoral level. This master leans on high- level research conducted at the University of Bordeaux and in the regional center of INRA. Indeed, from the undergraduate level, students are integrated in an open and international environment. Then, at the master level, the teaching staff has implemented cooperation agreements with the partners involved and has switched courses from French to English.

Finally, for the same purpose of the implementation of Green Campus on INRA' site in Villenave d'Ornon, the involved teaching staff is now working on the set up of the PhD programme based on co-supervision of research thesis with the international partners.