The Investments for the Future Mission (MIA)

The preparations of proposals for the Management Board and the implementation of resulting actions are ensured by the Operational Committee and the MIA, administrative team and project support. It coordinates all the engineering functions and directly runs the multi-annual IdEx programs. It also mobilizes the resources of the partnership establishments to perform at an equivalent level. The time-line of this structure’s development complies with the forecast described in the IdEx Bordeaux dossier. 

The activities of the MIA were structured at the end of 2013 under the form of a 3-hub organization:

  • The program hub, whose mission is to prepare the programs’ content (benchmarking, working groups, etc.), to organize the activities for their implementation (call for projects, external evaluations, organization of decision-making processes), and to ensure developed projects/actions monitoring, including monitoring of result objectives, internal and external promotion of the programs/projects, and assistance with raising external funds.
  • The resources hub, whose mission it is to support projects/actions in their financial and administrative execution, and the relationship with all the departments of partner establishments (human resources, finance, legal) to ensure the conditions of their implementation.
  • The projects hub, ensures the cross-sectoral development of the portfolio dealing with chosen projects in the framework of future investments or set-up projects like IdEx structuring projects, with the aim of sharing good practices and pooling resources.

Moreover, the MIA has a support team for program steering, with their mission being to evaluate the impact of implemented actions and to enable their ongoing development.



Anne Leblond
Coordination manager

166, cours de l'Argonne
33 000 Bordeaux