E-health: Virtual Health


Objective: optimizing patient diagnostics, healthcare and rehabilitation, as well as the training of doctors, through electronic tools. How? By bringing together and making use of cross-cutting skills in the fields of virtual reality and simulation, for the benefit of health professionals, healthcare institutions and industrialists in the e-health sector.

Virtual Health is a social innovation project of the Initiative of Excellence of the University of Bordeaux, backed by the Sleep, Attention and Neuropsychiatry Laboratory (USR SANPSY) CNRS / University of Bordeaux, based in Bordeaux' Pellegrin Hospital.

It is open to Bordeaux researchers of all disciplines focusing on medical, technological, social or economic issues connected with virtual reality and simulation applied to diagnostics, healthcare, rehabilitation and training.

Virtual Health offers a unique range of services and high added value technology components, via its specialized facilities (CAVE® immersive room, flight simulator, full-scale driving simulator, animated conversational agents, Unity development environment, etc.) and its scientific skills, particularly in the following fields:

  • Computer synthesized images and virtual environments
  • Man-machine interfaces (multi-touch, Kinect, etc.) and brain-computer interfaces
  • Immersive virtual reality technology
  • Artificial intelligence and animated conversational agents
  • Sociology and communication study of ICT and virtual environments
  • Evaluation of learning and the transfer of knowledge in a real environment


EquipEx Phenovirt

Pierre Gilfriche
Project manager


With Virtual Health, the University of Bordeaux is getting ready for increasingly active and efficient collaboration with companies in the e-health sector. We appreciate finding relevant experts on site, as well as useful resources and opportunities to make optimum use of Bordeaux research.

Our common goal is to develop new products and services on a market where innovation is crucial. The first collaborative project is thus under way between Interaction Healthcare and the SANPSY laboratory.

Jérôme LELEU,
President of Interaction Healthcare