2018 Call for applications



Proposals must be submitted electronically via the web-based application page on our portal. All requested documents must be provided in order to validate your applications (refer to the Applicant guide for details).

Please note that because the evaluation process will involve international reviewers, all documents must be written in English.

In order to prepare your application, please follow these steps:

  1. Identify the proper local scientific environment for your project.
  2. Obtain the agreement of a local laboratory.
  3. Prepare your application by downloading Documents A and B from our website.
  4. Once all the requested documents are completed, go to the application page and log in or create an account.
  5. Once logged in, fill in the application form.
  6. Attach the following documents:
  • The Project proposal, or Document A (in pdf format);
  • The Ethical issues document, or Document B  (in pdf format);
  • A short CV with a list of a maximum of 3 referents, max. 2 pages (in pdf format);
  • A major achievements track-record, max. 2 pages. (list of major publications, patents and other important scientific communications and awards, in pdf format);
  • A signed letter of support from the local mentor (in pdf format);
  • A signed letter of support from the director of the host laboratory (in pdf format);
  • A cover letter (in pdf format);
  • Signed letters from the referents mentioned in the CV (in pdf format). Reference letters may be attached with the other application documents, or sent directly to the address indicated at the end of this document;
  • A copy of your PhD certificate or any other official document attesting that the candidate holds a doctoral degree, in French or English (in pdf format).

Evaluation process

The selection is conducted by a dedicated panel, including external personalities and authoritative researchers from the site, on the basis of evaluation reports written by external reviewers.

External reviewers will evaluate each proposal. Each reviewer will be provided with the same framework and clear instructions for performing the marking:

Excellence of the candidate, evaluated on two criteria:

  • Research experience and scientific production including patents, publications ...
  • Consistency of the candidate’s profile with the research project (scientific background and experience in the field

Research project, evaluated on two criteria:

  • Scientific/technological quality and innovative nature of the project
  • Structure of the project (precise definition of expected outputs, selected methods, setting of milestones)

Provisional calendar

  • October 2 2017: publication of the call
  • October 26 2017: opening of the application process
  • November 26 2017: deadline for applications
  • December 5 2017: eligibility evaluation
  • April 2018: publication of results
  • From July 2018 to December 31 2018: beginning of the post-doctoral contracts

 *any change of the provisional calendar will be announced on this page.