Encounter between artists and robots around body movements

Encounter between artists and robots around body movementsGrim dance, learning to walk and illusion of effort -

Since 2011, a Bordeaux team of artists and scientists have been working on the relationships between movements and emotions, bodies and machines. Their collaboration, seen as a long experimental process, has already resulted in several residences and encounters with the public.

Their work started with Acroban, the first humanoid robot developed within the Flowers team at Inria, in collaboration with the Bordeaux Laboratory of IT Research (LaBRI). In 2013, Flowers unveiled Poppy Humanoid, a light, sturdy, open-source robot, easier to reproduce and modify than its predecessor Acroban. Poppy Humanoid was immediately adopted by Amandine Braci and Marie-Aline Villard, in the process of setting up the association Comacina-Capsule Créative.

Their project of an artistic/robotic encounter (around body movements) took root. Selected by IdEx Bordeaux in its 2015 call for art/science projects, they are now preparing a new performance – Monstration – to be revealed in November at the FACTS festival.