November 2015

  • Junior Chairs : closed November 22, 2015
  • Innovation in Education Axe 1 : closed November 27, 2015

LAPHIA - AAP 2016 - research and valorisation

The general principle of LAPHIA is to support innovative research projects in laser, photonics & materials and imaging. The applications are evaluated by external referees and by members of the Scientific Council.

The research projects are then approved by the Board of Directors, according to the global strategy of the cluster and to the following criteria:

  • Foster cooperations between the LAPHIA teams (Cluster added value);
  • Support the highest quality projects (scientific excellence);
  • Support projects in adequacy with the LAPHIA local structure.

While the funding will be mostly devoted to LAPHIA partners, collaborations with other IdEx partners will be welcomed, as well as collaborations with non-funded external partners. The key objective is to ensure that LAPHIA has a dynamic effect on its environment, either in the core disciplines or in neighbouring disciplines.

Deadline for submitting application files: November 9, 2015 before midday (Paris Time).

LAPHIA support is intended to provide a leverage financial effect; while no prefunding is required, it is expected from the project leaders to show a posteriori the extent to which the LAPHIA support did allow to obtain extra-funding. Conversely, LAPHIA support can be used as top-up to an already existing project involving one or several teams of the Cluster, provided the project leader can demonstrate a major scientific added value and organizational synergetic effect of the LAPHIA support.

For the call for projects 2016, we propose to fund*:

  • Risky Project (RP);
  • Passport Project (PP);
  • Research Mobility Project (RM) for teams.

*Due to the IdEx intermediary period, the projects selected in the framework of LAPHIA AAP-2016 will depend on a sufficient budget and the recruitment deadlines.



Institut d’Optique d’Aquitaine
Rue François Mitterrand
33405 Talence
Tel : 05 57 01 71 11

Anne-Lise BUÉ

Submit your application

  • Deadline for submitting application files: November 9, 2015 before midday (Paris Time).
  • Each project must not exceed: 10 pages maximum (included appendices) ; police: Times - 11.
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LAPHIA axes: laser physics of high energy densities / photonic materials / innovative imaging
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Risky projects

The risky projects (RP) are small projects with a reduced staff and lasting 1 year. The main idea is to promote potential new breakthrough ideas, with high risk but also high possible pay-off.

Research mobility projects

One of the long-term objectives of LAPHIA is to implement an ambitious international policy, with mobility actions directed both to students, faculties and the researchers.

Passport project

We want to fund within LAPHIA passport project (PP) for 1 year in order to validate an original idea before launching a patent or a large industrial project. This kind of project can reduce the overall cost for PI and guarantee a large success for the transfer of knowledge.