A campus of excellence in Bordeaux

IdEx Bordeaux (Initiative of Excellence of Bordeaux) represents the excellence strategy for the University of Bordeaux and its partners, and the driving force for its European and international policy.

This project has been presented in the framework of the national programme "Investissements d'avenir" launched in 2010 by the French government.

An excellence strategy for the international competitiveness of a new model of University in Bordeaux

The objective of the new model of University of Bordeaux is to achieve a multi-disciplinary university model, bringing together three components, Universities, Schools and Research Bodies, and thereby offering a response to the fragmentation observed in French higher education and research. This project started in 2006 with the creation of the "University of Bordeaux" Research and Higher Education Cluster (PRES): it gathered momentum in 2008 within the framework of Operation Campus, targeting to create a new university model reorganizing research and higher education offer in Bordeaux, with enhanced international visibility and clarity.

The establishment of a unique legal entity, scheduled for 2014, grouping partners (*) currently commited will give a concrete expression to the strategic project for the Bordeaux ecosystem.

In that context, the "IdEx Bordeaux" Initiative of Excellence represents the excellence strategy for the new model of University in Bordeaux and is the driving force for its European and international policy.

The structuring and transforming effect of IdEx Bordeaux will be additionally reinforced through the development of infrastructure in the framework of the Campus project, a very ambitious project to develop the real-estate assets of the Bordeaux universities, with an investment in the vicinity of €1 billion over 25 years (French State, Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, Aquitaine Regional Government, Bordeaux Urban District).

(*) Objective enforced by Universities Bordeaux 1 Sciences and Technologies, Bordeaux Segalen, Bordeaux IV Montesquieu, Institut Polytechnique de Bordeaux (IPB), Sciences Po Bordeaux, in partnership with University Bordeaux 3 Montaigne and ENITA Bordeaux

An excellence strategy focused on socio-economic challenges and targeting 3 key objectives in terms of results

Thanks to the excellence of its research, to the wide coverage of its disciplines (Sciences and Technologies, Biology and Health, Social Sciences and Humanities), to its presence within a rich cultural, natural and economic environment and to its international dimension, IdEx Bordeaux is supported by a roadmap aimed at:

  • Throwing light on the future of our societies, by ensuring that scientific achievements and their dissemination are made available to citizens;

  • Preparing the economy of tomorrow, by promoting entrepreneurship, new working methods, innovation, lifelong learning, creativity, and by supporting the competitiveness of partner companies;

  • Supporting a major metropolitan area in a Euro-regional perspective, by contributing to the economic and demographic development of the Atlantic seaboard, Bordeaux and the Aquitaine region;

  • Accelerating the transformation of the University, by placing science at the heart of its challenges and projects.

This excellence strategy targets three major objectives in terms of results:

  • International repute of France in the field of research and higher education, in order to ensure that the University of Bordeaux is ranked among the top 100 universities worldwide;

  • The growth of France through innovation, with a clear objective of contributing to the progress of Aquitaine in the "High Innovators" category of the Regional Innovation Scoreboard;

  • Sustainable renewal of the regional, national and European economy, in order to optimize innovations in new markets with high added value and high growth potential.

An excellence strategy in the shape of 6 major structuring priorities

The IdEx Bordeaux strategy is implemented around major structuring projects capable of transforming the University of Bordeaux, the Bordeaux site and the Aquitaine region. These major projects concern all the facets of the IdEx: research, training, transfer of knowledge and socio-economic partnerships, campus life and human resources policy. They are grouped in 3 core challenges (CC) aimed at accelerating the development of activities at the heart of the University of Bordeaux; and 3 key levers (KL), identified as strong factors for the success and excellence of the core challenges.

  • CC1 – Excellence in research
  • CC2 – Reputation in training
  • CC3 – Performance in knowledge transfer

The 3 key levers are identified as strong factors for the success and excellence of the core challenges:

  • KL1 – Attracting and nurturing talents
  • KL2 – A university with a solid international dimension
  • KL3 – An innovative and open digital campus

Qualitative and quantitative objectives have been set for all the core challenges with target values at 4 and 10 years. To achieve these objectives, instruments have been defined and attached to the Core Challenges and the key Levers in order to allocate means for structuring projects. The breakdown of investments of IdEx resources is directly linked to the strategic choices.